Punta Gorda, FL Irma approaching - 9/10/2017

Hurricane Irma's core rain bands approaching Punta Gorda FL. Various shots of intense winds, rain and blowing sea spray, along with some minor damage to buildings. Shot Description SHOT 1: Shot of winds beginning to tear the shingles off a building. SHOT 2: Distant palms bending in the wind amidst blowing sea spray. SHOT 3: Distant shot of intense winds and sea spray on the Punta Gorda causeway bridge. SHOT 4: Shot of palm trees with blowing spray going across the sidewalk. SHOT 5: Intense wind and rain bands blow past a couple of vehicles parked on the road. SHOT 6: Shot from inside a parking garage stairwell as the wind blows in, creating an incredible sound. SHOt 7: Some minor roof damage to a building in downtown Punta Gorda. SHOT 8: A tree snapped in half by the strong winds. SHOT 9: A restaurant sign blowing around in the strong winds. SHOT 10-13: Various shots of strong winds and blowing palm trees on city streets of Punta Gorda.