Severe Winds in Hutchinson County, TX - 5/14/2017

Severe thunderstorms brought strong straight line winds to portions of the Texas, Panhandle, north of Amarillo, on Sunday evening.
Shot Description

1) Severe thunderstorm winds kicking up dust and sand off of a dirt road west of Stinnett, TX.

2) Thunderstorm base.

3) Dust being kicked up in a field by thunderstorm outflow.

4) Two people watching and photographing the storm.

5) Dust being kicked up behind a metal farm building.

6) Thunderstorm base with dust approaching from the west.

7-9) Various shots of blowing dust due to strong thunderstorm outflow.

10) Thunderstorm base.

11) Rain shaft on thunderstorm.

12) Mammatus clouds.

13) West Texas sunset.

14-17) Various shots of mammatus clouds.