Tornado stock video archive for footage from the year 2007.

2007 Tornado video stock footage archive page.

4/23/2007 Protection Kansas Tornado Video

4/23/2007 Protection Kansas Tornado Video. Footage of a very large tornado over an open field that look's like something out of the Wizard Of Oz. Clips include POV shots out the front window of a car while driving in hail and while chasing the tornado. The footage also includes close up and wide tripoded footage of a large tornado near the town of Protection Kansas.

Catalog #: 04232007a_tai

4/24/2007 Reno County Kansas Tornado Video

4/24/2007 Reno County Kansas Tornado Video. Footage of a tornado forming over an open field. Footage looking up as the funnel clouds are rapidly rotating above the camera. POV clips while driving and chasing after the tornado. Tripoded footage of the storm and tornado as the tornado ropes out.

Catalog #: 04242007a_tai