Tropical Storm Debby 2012 - Stock Footage

Tropical Storm Debby stock footage archive page as the strong tropical system hit the west coast of Florida in June of 2012.

6/24/2012 Tropical Storm Debby - 2012 - Storm Surge, Sarasota, FL - Stock Video

6/24/2012 Stock video of the storm surge along Beach Road, on Lido Key in Sarasota, FL. Video of waves crashing up over the beach and onto the road and into front yards of houses. Footage of people out walking around in the storm surge and checking out what is happening in the storm.

Catalog ID: SSM_TS_Debby_2012_Storm_Surge

Tropical Storm Debby - 2012 Sarasota, FL Street Flooding

Stock video of street flooding along the coastal areas on Siesta Key in Sarasota, FL.
Footage of cars driving through high water and various video of street flooding.

Catalog ID: SSM_Tropical_Storm_Debby_2012_Flooding

Tropical Storm Debby 2012 - Lido Key Beach - Sarasota, FL

B-Roll footage on Lido Beach as Tropical Storm Debby moves on shore. Video shows people on the beach and crews trying to remove the life guard shacks while the storm surge tries to wash them away.

Catalog ID: SSM_Tropical_Storm_Debby_2012_Beach

Tropical Storm Debby - 2012 - Marina Boats Washed On Shore

Stock video of boats that broke free from their moorings and were washed on shore. Footage of the boats being slammed up against a sea wall and up on the shore line. Video of a sail boat that broke free and slamming into a concrete structure along the shore line.

Catalog ID: SSM_Tropical_Storm_Debby_2012_Marina

Tropical Storm Debby - 2012 Sea Turtle Nests Destroyed

Stock video on Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, FL during Tropical Storm Debby in June of 2012. Video shows several Sea Turtle nests being destroyed by the storm surge from Tropical Debby.

Catalog ID: SSM_TS_Debby_2012_Sea_Turtle_Nest