Twin Cities Deicing and Car Wrecks - 3/12/2017

Video Footage of Extremely Heavy Snowfall,Serious Injury Vehicle Crashes,MSP Airport De-Icing and Major Delays as well as cars stuck sliding and spinning in the snow and people struggling to clear the snow with shovels in Minneapolis Minnesota!

Shot List:
1. MSP Minneapolis/St.Paul Airport Heavy Blinding Snow and Wind with near zero Visibility and De-Icing Operations struggling under a ground stop!

2. MSP Airport Full Ground Stop Major Delays with De-Incing and extremely Heavy Snow with Gang Plows fighting to hold back the heavy snow off the runways!

3. 1st Plane allowed to take-off after a ground stop in severe heave snowfall! (Blows Snow into the air).

4. Tandem De-Icing in progress with heavy snow bursts.

5. Major Injury Crash with Emergency Crews racing to the scene and arriving on scene of Car Wrapped around a guard rail with injured driver!

6. Small car spin out on off ramp crashed head on into a large light pole severely!

7. 3 Car head rear end chain crash at snowy intersection with drivers struggling to walk on glare ice roads!

8-13 low visibility with heavy snow falling and grid locked traffic in Minneapolis with narration of scene.

14. People Snow Shoveling heavy snow from sidewalks.

15-16. Multiple Cars stuck in snow and sliding and spinning tires and failing to go forward on roadway and backing up!