Wagoner, OK Shelf Cloud, Storm Damage - 5/19/2017

A line of severe storms moved across the eastern half of Oklahoma Friday evening with torrential rains, flooding, and high winds that did damage across the region.

Video package shot in Wagoner, Oklahoma which is about 40 miles southeast of Tulsa and begins with an amazingly dramatic and monstrous shelf cloud bearing down on the city. Heavy rains and wind commence shortly after leading to damage in town, including the uprooting of a tree in a yard among other tree damage. Some water also accumulated on city roads.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Panning shots of the monstrously ominous shelf cloud bearing down on the city.

Scene 3-7: Various static shots of the low shelf cloud approaching.

Scene 8: Low clouds over the city as the storm moves in.

Scene 9: As storm gets going, three people racing on foot through gas station parking lot as rain and wind hit.

Scene 10: Shot of high winds blowing US flag straight out as rain falls.

Scene 11: Wide shot of gas station in storm.

Scene 12: Shot of parked cars in storm with flash of lightning.

Scene 13: POV shot out windshield of large tree limbs down on both sides of the street.

Scene 14: POV shot out windshield of large tree down in front of stop sign.

Scene 15: Large, uprooted tree laying across a front yard in front of a house.

Scene 16-17: Different angles of uprooted tree.

Scene 18: Tree limbs down in a yard, one hanging on a power wire.

Scene 19: Tree limb hanging from power wire.

Scene 20: Tree limbs and broken power pole.

Scene 21: Large tree limb down in parking lot.

Scene 22: Close lighting flash and near immediate NAT sound of loud clap of thunder as vehicles drive through minor street flooding.

Scene 23-28: Various shots of vehicles driving through minor street flooding.