Limon, Colorado mega hail storm covers the ground like snow - 6/30/2016

A severe thunderstorm tracked across interstate 70 in eastern Colorado on Thursday evening covering the interstate with hail.
Shot Description
1-8) Shots of hail falling along interstate 70 east of Limon, Colorado.

9-10) Shots of holding hailstones.

Chadron Nebraska Extreme Winds and flying debris - 6/28/2016

Hurricane force winds hit the town of Chadron on Tuesday evening. 84MPH winds were reported in town with a report of 103MPH winds 7 miles south of town. This wind nearly destroyed a firework tent and sent debris flying through the air.

Shot Description

Wrightsville, PA Severe Thunderstorm - 6/28/2016

Several severe thunderstorms pass through the southern area of Pennsylvania during rush hour with very heavy rains, gusty winds, and cloud-to-ground lightning. Traffic on W/B U.S.30 was heavily affected during the evening storms.
Shot Description

Paola, Colorado Hail and Funnel Clouds - 6/27/2016

Large hail fell from a supercell thunderstorm over northeast Colorado on Monday evening.
Shot Description

1-2) Large hail falling along highway 6 in Phillips County.

3) Windshield cracked due to large hail falling.

4-9) Shots of hail falling.

Arthur County Nebraska Hail and Wind - 6/26/2016

A supercell thunderstorm produced large hail and damaging winds northwest of North Platte Nebraska on Sunday evening.
Shot Description

1-6) Shots of falling hail.

7-8) Strong thunderstorm outflow winds blowing dust.

9) Rope funnel cloud.

Norman OK Lightning and severe storms - 6/26/2016

Dash cam video captures a lightning strike hitting a light pole, taking out power, and sending sparks flying. Also see cars passing through flooded roads
Shot Description

Sarasota, FL Rare Hail Storm and Heavy Rain - 6/26/2016

Slow moving thunderstorms popped up in Southwest Florida Sunday afternoon going severe warned with intense lightning, rare pea sized hail, and torrential rains. Any hail is rare in coastal Florida in summer.
Shot Description

Barron County, WI Shelf Cloud and Lightning - 6/26/2016

Strong thunderstorms rolled across Northwestern WI. First part of this video package was shot by Cumberland and Barron WI. The lightning was shot just East of Rice Lake WI.
Shot Description

Benton County, MN Aurora IR & Visible Light Timelapse - 6/24/2016

While the almost full moon killed it for photos this morning with the regular cameras, the custom mod Infra Red camera with the IR filter on the front that blocks out all visible light wave lengths was seeing what the moonlight was hiding.

Eastern Colorado Extreme Deep Hail & TimeLapse - 6/23/2016

Hail in Elbert County and timelapse of storms near Brush, CO.
Shot Description


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