8/2/2015 Rice Lake, WI lightning

This morning brought a round of severe thunderstorms to Washurn County. The video package focused on the lightning the storm was producing early this morning.
Clip 1 - 8. Lightning while it was still dark..This clips were taken up by Haugen WI.

7/30/2015 Las Cruces, NM Monsoon

Heavy rains associated with monsoon thunderstorms triggered flash flooding across the Las Cruces, New Mexico region Thursday morning. Scenes of localized street flooding around the northeast suburbs. Excellent natural sound.

7/30/2015 Valley Center, KS Flooding Footage

Heavy rain is falling this morning over south-central Kansas. This created flooding problems in Valley Center, Kansas (a suburb of Wichita) as residents were trying to make it into work.

Shot List

7/28/2015 Twin Cities Morning Storm B-Roll

It was a Red Sky In The Morning for the Twin Cities metro area as the drive in to town was filled with lightning and heavy rain. Once in town, commuters were dealing with the heavy rain on the Nicollet Mall.

Clip 1 Roof camera with lightning on Interstate 94.

7/25/2015 Anna Maria, FL Heavy Rain, High Winds & Street Flooding

Heavy wind driven tropical rain resembled tropical storm conditions as a squall moved through Anna Maria Island this afternoon. Areal flood advisories are in effect. Wind driven tropical rains, great shots of Florida people dealing with the rain, traffic in road flooding.

7/24/2015 Rice Lake and Bloomer, WI Flooding and Lightning B-Roll

Heavy rain fell fast in and around Rice Lake WI. causing street flooding in the city of Rice Lake, as storm drains couldn\'t keep up with the heavy rain.. Lateer this same storm became tornado warned as it was in Southeast part Barron County, Northeast Dunn County, and West central Chippewa County.

7/23/2015 Vivid Auroras over Saint Cloud MN

Vivid Auroras or Northern Lights filled the sky this morning in when a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection hit the Earths magnetic field this morning.

The Aurora Borealis at times was bright enough to be able to read a news paper as the green glow filled the sky.


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