4K Footage of the Abilene, KS Tornado - 5/25/2016

Description: Abilene, Kansas
New extraordinary 4K footage of the Abilene, KS Wedge Tornado as is moves towards the camera before cameraman had to get out of the path of the tornado.

Wedge Crosses over Interstate 70 in Abilene, KS - 5/25/2016

Amazing up close video of tornado approaching I-70 just east of Abilene and crossing the interstate. Video then shows tornado as it passes just south of Chapman.

Wedge Tornado from Niles to Abilene Kansas - 5/25/2016

Large torando from Niles, Kansas to Abilene, Kansas with shots from 1/8 of a mile away.


Renville County MN Hail Storm B-Roll 5/24/2016

A slow moving severe thunderstorm pounded Renville County, MN this evening with golf ball size hail and heavy rain. At one point as the hail melted, it turned the area into a strange foggy dream-scape.

Clip 1 POV Driving shot into the hail storm with a rainbow.

Dodge City, KS Tornadoes & Chaser Masses - 5/24/2016

Additional video from south and at Dodge City, Kansas of multiple tornadoes, mass storm chaser and traffic congestion on HW 283, and concluding scenery/sunset shots north of Greensburg, Kansas.

5/24/2016 Brian Barnes video of the Dodge City KS Tornado Outbreak

Tornado Outbreak south of Dodge City, KS on May 24th.
Scene 1: Video from air
Scene 2: Two tornadoes
Scene 3: Large tornado with farm in foreground
Scene 4: Funnel touching down and swirling dirt (second tornado of the day)

Dodge City KS Tornado Outbreak - 5/24/2016

Footage of tornado outbreak and Damage around Dodge City, KS from a prolific tornadic supercell! Close HIGH CONTRAST footage of 10 tornadoes and damage around Dodge City, KS from a single supercell thunderstorm.


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